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About Us

Welcome to Jayamm Digital Marketing Agency, here we love creating stand-out brands, impactful digital marketing campaigns and innovative websites and applications. Based in Chennai, India, our energy-efficient, quirky HQ houses a talented team of individuals, who specialise in everything from brand and packaging, to digital and marketing. Team Source are problem-solvers, driven by one desire to challenge the ordinary and create the extraordinary. As an established full-service agency, we’ve delivered countless creative, digital and marketing projects for a wide range of clients, from start-ups to big organisations. Our team consists of people who have many years of experience in the field and continue to educate themselves. But we want to pass this experience on, and so will be glad to give you advice with whatever you need when working on a project together Although our roots are firmly planted in Chennai, we’re a mostly remote team that works all across India.

Why Choose Us ?

With the experience we have in various aspects of digital marketing, we'll help you fulfil your business objectives and succeed in the digital world.

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What We Do

We work with you to understand the business and commercial requirements, helping you make impactful decisions and deliver your product in front of the user as soon as possible.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

To make your brand repetitively visible in front of your audience, social media marketing is a must.

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Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

Although achieving visibility and rankings in search engine results is not easy, it can be done.

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Web Design & Development

Web Design & Development

Your online platforms need to work for your business, showing your audience what you can do for them.

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App Development

App Development

Customers are more likely to trust, believe in, and respect a company that has its own app.

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Strategic Marketing

Strategic Marketing

A marketing plan aids a business in focusing its limited resources on the most lucrative chances to boost sales.

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Lead Generation

Lead Generation

Lead Generation helps prevent you from wandering aimlessly trying to find your next customers.

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How We Do ?

Our process is simple, we listen before we create then we measure and repeat. We refine because we’re never satisfied. We test, hone, and customize our process to better suit your specific goals, and we work to redefine the digital experience in your industry.

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We’ll talk about your products, ideas and create a space for us to understand your goals and for you to spar with us about the problems you’re trying to solve. From this foundation we will present suggestions on how we can be of service to bring your ideas to life.



We are very honest and open. But we expect to hear from you what things are working and how we can improve our process together. Taking things as early in the process as possible is crucial.

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Every project is different and so should the process be. We’ll define a clear framework of how we communicate, exchange feedback and effectively work together. We believe openness, honesty and trust goes a long way.



We are firm believers in delivering small but very valuable pieces of work as quickly as possible. We want the product in the hand of your users so we can get real-world feedback, learn and improve without stalling the development process.

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Once a project is done and dusted, the desired outcome will be shared with you as soon as possible.Critics and remarks about the outcome are welcomed with the atmost appreciation and will rectify it with the same enthusiasm.

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